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Leonarda, a vegan soap maker and serial killer from contemporary Helsinki. She makes soap out of the bodies of her victims. She would do anything to protect her favourite child: Giuseppe. 

Based on the case of Leonarda Cianciulli, a serial killer from southern Italy during the 30s. A mix between documentary-fiction-dance movie-digital-16mm analogue-among other frolicsomeness.

-National Premiere: Love & Anarchy International Helsinki Film Festival 2020.

-Rights for Finnish television YLE. 2021.

Galatée à l'infini (2017). Director and original idea. A visual essay about the female body as a socially constructed discourse throughout gynecology, a science using an ideological scalpel to mould gender, sexuality and desire.

-Gold Mikeldi Award for documentary (Zinebi: International Festival of Documentary and Short Film. Bilbao).


-Spanish Cinema Great Award (Zinebi).


-International premiere in Cartagena International Film Festival.


-Special mention from the jury (Documenta Madrid).


-Official selection in other festivals like: Hot Docs Canada, Mecal-pro Barcelona, International Film Festival of Uruguay, Hamburg Short Film Festival, Queer Lisboa, Museo Reina Sofia, among others.

In.revolt is the trailer for Cut to Chase, the short films program, commissioned by Love & Anarchy Helsinki International Film Festival. Produced in collaboration with Academy of Moving People and Images and Sons of Lumière.

In.revolt is about unlearning to live and die on a damaged earth.

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